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join the trend - get your brand on facebook

Facebook is a social-networking site that is wildly popular - particularly in South Africa - and is changing the way people consume and create information on the web. People no longer pay attention to marketing from strangers, preferring instead to hear informal recommendations and stories from friends via sites like Facebook. Facebook is considered cool and this is how you want to be.

the facebook developer platform

Facebook has opened up their platform and all of its socially-relevant information to creative programmers. This has resulted in a flood of innovation from the developer community and a myriad of applications that run directly within the site itself. The API allows access to the logged-in user's friend list, their messages, their events, photos, profile information and more, allowing a great deal of functionality to be realised. If your application or app is cool enough, users will recommend it virally to their friends and an overnight success could be yours. If you already have a website, you can share data with your app on Facebook to create a seamless brand experience and drive sales via your user's online friends.

Having built several apps myself (see left), I can confidently build an appropriate Facebook app for your brand and advise you on what's possible and what will work.

Contact me and let's discuss it. Facebook apps are exciting!

case study - Friends Online

I have been a Facebook developer for a few years now and have made several apps, always aiming for an overnight success and great passive revenues from built-in CPA advertising. My apps encompass environmental awareness, puzzle solving, content sharing, event organising and other trivialities and have achieved a medium level of success. Interestingly, one single app - Friends Online - has had far greater success than any of the others and for a surprising reason. The application is rather simple in that it shows your friends' faces and names in an appealing format arranged by their last login. However, one month after creating this app, Facebook removed their 'online friends' feature and people started searching for these keywords. My app appeared in the search results and usage spiked overnight resulting in almost 50k users to date!

some of my Facebook apps

Friends online (friends)

PlanetSaver (green)

I Want To (events)

BlockSolver (game)

My Celebrity Crush

myFans (friends)

SuperPost (content)

Guesstimate (game)
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