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connect the world to your brand by scanning a barcode

The widespread adoption of cameras on mobile phones has lead to their use as barcode scanners with several spectacularly useful applications appearing as a result. Since vertical columns of black and white are hard for a cellphone camera to visualise clearly, a 2d barcode (two dimensional) can be used in print and detected easily by an application running on a user's mobile phone. This means that anywhere you can print the barcode can become a portal to direct contact with your brand, your website or your product - be it a movie poster, a billboard, a newspaper, a product label or magazine. View the video on the left for a demonstration.

what can it do

By pointing his/her camera phone at your 2d barcode you can elicit several actions on your user's cellphone. You can send them directly to your website to find out more information, read about a special offer, redeem a prize or provide feedback. You can prompt their phone to send an SMS/MMS, to save your contact details, to phone your call centre or save a new event in their calendar. You can even prompt them to Tweet about their exciting experience!

why use a 2d barcode?

If you want people moving about in the real world to interact with your website, brand and services in a fun and cutting-edge way then contact me and I can set up this technology for you. All new phones are capable of running the scanning software and several manufacturers are including the application by default.

A video that describes the technology.
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