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making magic on film

Everyone should have a hobby: an interest or passion they spend hours late into the night pursuing and getting excited about. Mine is the creation of special visual effects for video. I began playing around with simple camera tricks as a boy - these included classic mirror and tilted-camera gags as well as stop-motion and claymation animations. One Christmas I got a webcam from my parents and excitedly began exploring the medium of digital film-making and digital special effects with both commercial and self-written software programs.

I have never worked on sfx in a professional context, but this has not stopped me learning, experimenting and trying out new techniques. You can see some of my video projects below. In future I hope to do work in this field (hint hint..), starting with small projects.

In June 2010 I entered and won a competition for Doritos chips in which we were given 15 seconds of video (the beginning of an advert) and asked to finish it off with a further 15 seconds of our own making. My entry is shown below and was screened on television nationwide.

I like to take myself less than seriously at times, also I enjoy dancing, dressing in suits and spending time with my friends. Thus the logical conclusion was to make boyband parody music videos in my spare time. These have become quite popular online and the latest two are shown below. Enjoy! And hey, if you need some SFX work done, give me a call :)

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