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what is a website?

A website consists of files on a server that together are capable of displaying web pages in your internet browser. The most important files either contain or produce HTML (hypertext markup language) which describes the content and layout of the webpage. Other files often referenced in the HTML include image files or photos, a style sheet to make visual elements appear consistently and external Javascript files (for added interactivity), amongst others. Websites typically display text, images, video and sound and vary widely in their level of interactivity.

statis vs dynamic websites

A webpage displaying content that never changes (e.g. a news article) is called a static page. A webpage that displays content that is always changing is called a dynamic page (e.g. your online email inbox) and relies on a different strategy to produce HTML. Instead of HTML being predefined, a dynamic script produces specific HTML only when a user requests it, by using a programming language like Perl, PHP, Java, Ruby and others. These scripts allow a greater level of customisation and interactivity with users by connecting to databases for storage, remembering users between logins, sending automated emails and SMS etc.

what I do

I design and build websites. I can whip up anything from a simple one page static website to an eye-wateringly beautiful, dynamic database-driven platform that fulfils all your wildest dreams. Contact me and we can discuss your needs. I have used PHP, Perl, Java, MySQL, FBML and Javascript for projects thus far but am open to learning new coding languages and new platforms. I prefer to create websites that are self-service; this means that you change your content easily with a content management system whenever you want, without requiring my services to do so. A simple website can be running in under a week, though a more complex site will take longer. I can also book your domain (website address) for you, or you can use our instant domain booking tool to do so yourself.

Choose EJR design and you will benefit from a personal and speedy level of service unmatched by big companies.

clients have had this to say:

"it has been a pleasure working with you in designing the website", "Our website provides [...] all the information they need in a fun and colourful, easy to navigate format, is user friendly, easily adaptable to our changing needs and best of all, was affordable within our budget constraints" - Christa van den Berg & Charmaine Bosch

"Thank you very much for your speedy work." - Jo Manthe

"I can't tell you how thrilled I am.", "can't quite believe how easy you have made it for me" - Karen Goddard

"You are the most efficient person I have ever dealt with in my life.", "thank you so much for the excellent and professional job which you did" - Isaiah Kipkirui Soy-Young

"The system is really looking good now and the functionality is getting better and better - you've done a great job" - Allan Carson
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a selection of my past and current work

Mygeni.org - intelligent social-networking
These examples encompass the full range of options, from simple static websites to large dynamic, highly interactive sites.

I have been creating websites since 1999 and thus some of the sites below are no longer online for a variety of reasons.

X International courier company

Touch wellness centre

Transnational Group

Santa fishing syndicate

Wiesenthal porcelain

Points Fusion

Pat Bastani - process worker

Karen Lewis furniture

Karen Goddard fine art

DebtHound debt collection by SMS

Art Bottling soda drinks machines

59 Helsingen rental property