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what is webhosting / website hosting?

The files that comprise your website need to be available to everyone, everywhere, at all times of the day. Thus the files are stored on a server (a computer) connected to the internet 24/7 so that anyone who requests your website can have the relevant files delivered back to them. A web server is specially setup so that it provides the maximum possible amount of uptime (time online) for your data. This means that a reliable power supply is required, along with a structure that is both physically and virtually secure (from hackers), up-to-date server software and speedy hardware.

what I offer

I will host your website on a secure and reliable server connected directly to the high-speed international internet backbone. Your data will be safely backed up at three secure, climate-controlled locations, each powered by an uninterruptible power supply and monitored 24/7 by trained technicians (yes, I outsource). You will have advanced features available such as email auto-forwarders, auto-responders, custom error pages, shopping carts, counters, guestbooks and more. You can also view in-depth visitor statistics logged by the hour, 365 days a year, and edit the pages of your website directly whenever you like.

Standard package: R90 / month for any standard size website, including email inboxes. Add R5 extra and I'll pay your annual co.za domain renewal fees.
Any other needs: Contact me!

server specs (for the geeks)

Intel Xeon CPU 5130 at 2.00GHz quad core with 2GB RAM, 4 GB swap.

Running PHP 5 & Perl 5.8.8, FTP, MySQL, POP3, SMTP, Sendmail support, cPanel v11, Fantastico script installer and Frontpage extensions.
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